Saturday, May 30, 2009

weekend shopping!

I think I might become a true garage sale convert... I haven't gotten to the point of scouring the papers yet (give me time, the Nut keeps me pretty busy these days)...

But check out what I just scored about 5 houses down (all for Hazel, mostly for the upcoming fall/winter or next spring)...

- a fleece jacket/pants outfit
- sweatshirt
- fleece vest
- overalls & onesie outfit
- overalls & long sleeve Tshirt outfit
- denim capris
- denim jumper
- long sleeve one-piece playsuit
- one-piece shortie playsuit
- tank top & pants outfit
- tutu
- cookie monster stuffed doll
- cutest Christmas dress/jacket outfit (red velvet)

All for $5.15.

Yep. Breaking the bank today, folks.

And earlier this week I dropped seven whole dollars at GoodWill - and got 3 shirts, 2 sweatsuit outfits, a pair of jeans and an outfit for the new baby.

It's true, I can't resist a sale or a great deal... but at this rate, it'll be pretty hard for me to do TOO much damage.

Love it.

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Sarah Halter said...

Way to go! I've been seeing tons of yard sales and mom to mom sales on Craig's List lately that look like they have some great stuff. I'm trying really hard, though, to wait until after we have baby showers to hit them up. Glad you got such great deals!