Friday, May 29, 2009

my funny (almost) valentine girl

There are so many hilarious little things Hazel does every day... and so, like any good, proud mama, I feel compelled to share them with you all. Enjoy!

  • She shouts "MEN!" when we're done praying at meals or bedtime (or whenever she feels like we *should* be done praying)
  • She loves blueberry muffins, knows where I keep them on the counter and points to them and says, "mmyumyumyum."
  • The word "no" is not in her vocabulary yet... she does, however, give you a fabulous glare and grunt loudly if she's unhappy with something.
  • Yesterday she helped me DEVOUR my grapefruit - no sugar, nothing added... just straight up grapefruit. She didn't even make the sour, puckery face when she tried it the first time.
  • She *loves* balls of all kinds. "Ball! Ball! Ball!" is often heard around the house or when we take walks around the neighborhood. She went to a high school soccer game with Mark last night and was enthralled with the "Ball!" (though slightly frustrated that she couldn't have it...)
  • "Go" is another favorite word - she'll gather her shoes and your shoes when she wants to "go" and then head over to the front door and bang on it. She doesn't usually want to "go" in the car - "go" is reserved more for generally being outside or hopping in her stroller for a walk.
  • She nods at almost everything you ask, initially seeming quite agreeable... until the grunt and glare come out to let you know how she really feels.
  • She signs (her own versions of) please, more, all done, help and again. (She actually made up her own sign for again... the others I taught her).
  • She has four teeth in front on the top, three on the bottom, and one molar on the top left. A little lopsided, methinks.
  • She knows the sounds made by cows, dogs, kittens, rabbits (don't ask) and lions.
  • She knows where Mama's Baby is (and will pat/thump my belly vigorously when asked)... and she then points to her own belly and says "Beebee." It freaks Mark out, but I think it's cute.
  • She can locate her (and your) eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, head, ears, chin, cheeks, toes, fingers, feet... and probably a few more I can't remember right now.
  • She likes to help pick out her clothes in the morning, which really translates to her pulling everything out of her drawers while I pick the clothes. But it's fun to have the help.
  • She likes dancing to Miley Cyrus's Hoedown Throwdown (really, she'll dance to anything with a good beat)... Mark and I crank up the stereo and embarrass ourselves all around the living room with her in our arms, dancing to songs the 8 year old girls across the street dance to. But you should see Hazel's face... :) (just so you know, Mark is the one who introduced that song to our household... it's on his iPod...)
There's more - but y'all might actually have something to do today OTHER than read about my fabulous kid. Happy Friday!!

2 thoughts:

Chris said...

Well, I don't have TOO much other to do than read about Hazel. Keep it coming!

Kaycee said...

I love to read about Hazel! You could have written tons more and I still would have read it all. :) And I am with you, I think pointing to her belly and saying "Beebee" is cute!