Thursday, August 06, 2009


The view of Baby's room from the door:

Yes, the walls are ORANGE. (It's called "melon" actually - and I *love* it)
Another view from the door, just a little bit sideways...

The view from the closet corner of the room:

And the view from the bed (mine for a few weeks after Baby arrives)... the closet door was removed to create more room, hence the lovely yellow bedsheet/curtain:

In case you were wondering/couldn't tell - the fabric we used to make the curtains & bedsheets is the most adorable owl print ever... along with some leafy fabric, and a few others we threw in on our own. Turned out pretty well, I think!!

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

So cute!! I love the orange walls and I think it's so amazing you make all that stuff for your babies. So fun! :)

Now where are the pictures of Miss Hazel? ;-)

Dana said...

oh my gosh you're having a baby in like 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!