Monday, August 10, 2009

keeping promises

As promised - some pictures of our growing little family!!

Tub-time! As long as we're not washing hair - we're golden!!

Playing with Baby's diapers - she likes to put them on her stuffed animals and then change them. She brought down 3 diapers and a stuffed duck this morning - so Daddy & I had some fun of our own!

And the obligatory belly shot - bet you didn't think you would see the ACTUAL belly... Hazel, although it looks like she is bestowing sweet kisses on her little sibling, is actually blowing raspberries on my belly. Another favorite pastime of our little Nut.

My midwife appointment this morning indicates that we could be a family of four before the week is out! I'm at 5+ and almost 100%... so our next post may be big news! (But we know from last time that being dilated doesn't mean labor is imminent!!) Prayers for a safe, speedy, natural delivery and healthy kidneys are coveted!!

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his wife, their mama said...

What a precious little lady you have raised. THanks for sharing the sweetness with me.