Thursday, September 24, 2009

our little world

My world is small but busy these days... here's a few tidbits for you!

Hazel is speaking in sentences... short ones (3 words) - but they're there. Last night it was "Eat the mango." And we did.

Hazel has also started making us "pies" - she runs to the oven and comes back "holding" something in her hand - she gives it to you and laughs like crazy when you "eat" it and tell her how good it is. It's so funny!

Meriel is growing HUGE and smiling at us more and more - she gets lots of kisses and "nuggles" from her big sister. She's very sweet - pretty much only fusses when something is wrong - hungry, needs to burp, or needs to attend to other bodily functions. She's crazy strong and can hold her head steady for a long time already.

Meriel let me sleep for 4 hours STRAIGHT the other night - I see a light glimmering at the end of the tunnel!!

Meriel has a whole MESS of nicknames - she won't have any idea what her actual name is if we keep this up! She gets called Mea, Mera, Maisy (rhymes with Hazey), Miggs (Meriel sounded like Miggle for awhile when Hazel said her name) and Gigi (short for Grunt & Grumble - she is a NOISY baby!!). :) We'll have to see which ones stick...

And a few pictures to enjoy:

A squeaky clean Miggs!

Hazey at the apple orchard, enjoying a treat and watching her Papa (my dad):

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Yay! So happy to see a post from you. I know your world is very busy right now but thanks for posting the sweet glimpse into it. Both your girls are just precious!

Chantel Hunt said...

the life with two kids can be crazy but the little things like the "pies" makes it so worth it, Madison does that but it is cupcakes. The are both so beautiful.