Tuesday, June 21, 2005

funny stuff

I'm Feeling: like getting silly!!
Background Noise: Blowing in the Wind by Joan Baez

Everyone has a penchant for being struck by certain things. Some people like bright, clear summer days when everything around them is alive and rejoicing. Other people love raging storms; the raw power of our God leaves them breathless. Or when its raining and sunny at the same time, or when you can see the moon in the middle of the day. I feel like I've been given a peek behind the scenes... and that God has a wonderfully playful sense of humor. "I wonder how many people will notice if I stick the moon out there at 4 in the afternoon... hehehe."

About a week or so ago I talked about silliness, and I've decided that I'm gonna focus this summer on retrieving mine. Seriously, I used to be such a silly kid - I giggled hysterically with my friends, made up dorky songs and dances and did funny voices and faces all the time. Now, I still do some of that, but somewhere along the line, I got stodgy. I sing along with the radio in the car, but usually only if I'm alone. I'll crank the stereo and dance around my house, again, only if I'm alone. When I was a kid, I used to roll down hills in the grass, lie on my back for hours and look at the clouds, pick dandelions and blow the dust to the wind, run around the backyard for the sheer fun of running... why is it we stop doing those things as adults? In the past couple years I've noticed a disturbing tendency to get irritated around extremely giggly girls. Why?? It's an awesome thing to have such joy, and people with whom to share it. When did I become such a stick in the mud? I need to be kept accountable to live life lightly and with a joyous spirit - to appreciate funny things and relax in my life. Maybe I can turn this thing around yet! :)

Thought for the day: Is there something you really enjoy that you haven't treated yourself to lately? Or something fun and silly that you used to do?

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