Monday, August 29, 2005

me and my job

I'm Feeling: useful
Background Noise: Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette

That's me at my job today - minus the cool beanie, pants, and fun colored rings. It's the first day of classes at MSU, and campus is insanely alive! Students everywhere, lots of commotion - it's really fun, but a little overwhelming from where I sit. Mostly because no one is coming to see me for any fun reasons today - it's all scheduling/graduation/financial aid emergencies. I'm hanging in there - but I feel like I've earned my entire salary today alone! :)

This weekend was totally fun - really busy, lots of people, and even a tiny bit of time to relax last night. I'm grateful for those moments - got to take what I can get!

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tucker said...

Well, I hope today is enjoyable for you. I don't know if that means busy with easy problems or no one walks through your door but whatever I hope it's great.