Tuesday, August 02, 2005

rhinovirus (aka common cold)

I'm Feeling: sleepy and sneezy... but happy! (3 of 7 dwarfs!)
Background Noise: Sanctuary by Jaci Velasquez

So that, apparently, is a picture of the virus that is inhabiting my sinuses and chest cavity right now. I have a tendency to get sick after really intense periods of activity and/or stress - like bible camp. I had a great time, but my body tends to poop out on me after spending so much mental, physical, and emotional energy for a week straight. However, I have to heal quickly - Mark and I leave for WYLdlife camp on Sunday!! Not much time to kick this one in the butt...

Upon recommendation by my friend Kristen, I recently read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. That book basically knocked me over - I have to read it again. It was so densely packed with information, challenges, thoughts and perspective - that I know I missed so much of it. There's a companion book, a devotional, that Mark and I started last night - he hasn't read the original book, but seemed to like the first chapter of this one. It's really challenging - the idea that our actions should always come from a spiritual motivation - that we are called to holiness out of reverence for God. And since God is always worthy of reverence, we are always called to be holy, and therefore always called to love one another. "Any other motivation (other than holiness) is less than Christian." Yikes - that's what I call convicting. Do I love people for no other reason than because our Father is holy and worthy and that I am called to follow Him? Gee, let me think - no! I try, but I'm pretty sure that most times, I fail spectacularly. But what an awesome standard!!

On a separate note, I have a full schedule of appointments today - hopefully they all show up. It makes my day go so much faster, plus, it's way more fun. Maybe I'll get to practice loving people for the right reasons.

Thought for the day: What characteristics/personality traits (in yourself or others) make it hard for you to love other people? How can we overcome that in the name of Jesus?

2 thoughts:

tucker said...

laziness, selfishness, judgementalness (?), & meaness

tucker said...

Clarification… these traits annoy me in both other people and myself. I am guilty of every one of these on a daily basis.