Monday, August 01, 2005


I'm Feeling: like I'm in the eye of a storm (a fun one)
Background Noise: It Is Well by By The Tree

(ps. I love that when I'm feeling like life is crazy, songs like that pop up on my iTunes and let me know God is in control!)

Yikes! Life's been busy the last few weeks! Last Friday, I went to Dana's bachelorette party - yay Tigers! I've never been to Comerica Park before - it's lovely, and I got to eat hot dogs and peanuts - what more could you ask for? Then Saturday morning Mark and I got up at 5am to head to the lovely Upper Peninsula for Bible Camp - we both counseled for a week, with campers that were 15-20 years old. Mark's been to this camp 6 times now, in various roles, and this was my first time. It was hard, fun, challenging, rewarding, lonely, and full of blessings all at the same time! Experiences like that are so rich - I usually have a deeper appreciation for things that you have to work for - and I definitely had to work at this camp! Everyone I met was wonderfully kind - you can really see the Lord in the workers there. My campers were really fun (although trying at times - I'm not used to high schoolers - I hang out with college students and middle schoolers a lot!) but I kinda miss them already! Camp ran from Saturday to Saturday, and Mark and I left at 7am to get back to Ann Arbor in time for Dave and Dana's wedding! It was really fun - they seemed to have a great time, which is exactly how your wedding is supposed to go. Everything was beautiful, and I got to see some people I love that I haven't seen in a long time.

Now I'm back at work - AOP is over, which is great, but it's suddenly August - and all those things that seemed so far away a week or two ago are looming!! It's good to be back in the swing - I'm a little nervous about the amount of work I'm facing, but I'm sure it will all go smoothly. Here's to jumping in with both feet!!

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brooks said...

there is no other way to jump in besides both feet! you will be alright. it will be fun!