Monday, September 12, 2005

chocolate milkshake day

I'm Feeling: pleasantly content
Background Noise: professors chatting in the hall and cars driving by outside

I had a good weekend - we went up to Timber Wolf Lake (a YoungLife camp) for a retreat weekend for all the leaders in Michigan and Northern Indiana. It was good to get away, and TWL is always a fun place to be. I got to hang out with some gals that I don't see enough of normally, and I got a chance to talk to some people I've never really talked to before. I like that too. Yesterday afternoon, I got home and crashed - I don't ever get enough sleep at camp. Partly because of the beds (not superduper comfy) and partly because 20 girls in one room have a hard time being quiet (me included). Mark wasn't home (he and James went to Traverse City straight from camp - for 36 holes of golf) so I just napped on the couch for a couple hours. I'm not usually a good napper, I have to be REALLY tired - so I always appreciate naps when they happen. Means I really needed it.

It's a pretty normal Monday - lots of appointments, and tonight we have WyldLife - I'm leading tonight, so that should be fun. It's also Chocolate Milkshake Day, so I'll have to see if I can't squeeze that in somewhere.

What was the best part of your weekend?

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Your thursday night date said...

I wish that i would have read this blog ealier and we could have made chocolate milkshake day happen. Now it will have to wait!