Wednesday, September 14, 2005


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Mark and I have a lot of friends who have moved on to new places - our friends Nick and Molly moved to Florida in December of 2000. We've managed to see them a few times since, and visited their ocean-view home (amazing!). Their daughter, Ineka (pronounced like Erica, but with "in" instead of "er"), turned 1 earlier this month, and I thought this picture was too cute not to post.

Funny how I feel so busy, yet I can't come up with anything new and exciting to post - how is it that we spend all our days and hours doing things that we can't remember 24 hours later? Yesterday I met with 8 students, visited with Brooks and Katie for a little while, went to Barnes and Noble, ate lunch at Georgio's, cleaned the house a little after work, went to Meet the Team Night at Mason Middle School, watched the season premiere of Gilmore Girls, talked to my parents on the phone, and consumed some chocolate-peanut butter milkshake. Nothing earth-shattering, but certainly enough to keep me running all day!

Just a heads-up for all you procrastinators out there - tomorrow is officially "Someday." So if you have a bunch of things you said would be finished/accomplished someday - your time is almost up!! Better get cracking! :)

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Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! I was going to email you... someday (ha ha) and ask you about Nick and Molly. Good to hear that they are doing well. Cute picture.

Anonymous said...

Blah! That was me. I think I need to figure this thing out a little bit better.


tucker said...

It's Someday!!!! We must be married (finally), our house must be complete and we must ahave a boat right?

Katie said...

2 out of 3... not bad!

aj said...

Hey, Mrs. B. (or should I call you Katie? I just don't know anymore ;)) — this is Alan Dore, the kid who you asked what blooperball was.

Basically, the sport is just like baseball, only the ball is huge (yep, even bigger than a softball) and the pitching is done by lobbing it high in the air; if the ball hits the plate (because the batter doesn't swing or he/she just misses it, it's a strike); if it hits the ground around the plate (it's also quite a bit bigger than baseball's home plate), then it's a ball (and, to be completely honest, I never really understood why they named the call that). Blooperball does seem to be a lot of fun, but I've never really played the game myself; I hope you can give it a try sometime! By the way, I've heard good things about it, but, really, how good is the Gilmore Girls? I've also heard that they talk fast because their scripts are ginormously long, but I guess it's really funny. Any recommendations (I'm just not really a big TV watcher — movies are generally more of my thing)?

And, just one more thing: Is it officially "Someday," or have you just decided? I'm only curious because I missed three-quarters of it without realizing that it indeed was Someday. That's a bit of a bummer, if you ask me, so perhaps, if it's okay with you, we could set the next Someday some day soon. Keep me posted, Mrs. B.! ;)