Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm Feeling: just ducky!
Background Noise: The Mob Song (Kill the Beast) from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and cars driving in the rainy streets outside

It's finally raining! The grass everywhere has been looking so sad and brown lately (except Dale's lawn - he's our next door neighbor, and his yard is freakishly green). Hopefully this makes the horticultural world of Mid-Michigan a little healthier and happier. The bad thing about rainy days is that it usually makes students want to skip their appointments and not tell me about it... so I may spend a good part of today sitting and waiting for visitors that will never come...

Last night I got to eat at Mitchell's Fish Market for the first time - Brooks and I went together (Mark doesn't like fish/seafood, so Brooks thought it would be a fun idea for us to go on a "date"). The food was excellent, although not discount-priced, and I had fun with Brooks - he keeps conversation going really well. I haven't gone out to dinner alone with a guy other than Mark in AGES, so that was a little surreal - but I think both Brooks and I understand that sadly, there just isn't much of a future for our dating relationship. We'll have to stick to being friends. He said that "someday" he wanted to go out to dinner with a married woman, so it's funny that we got to make that happen. :)

I get to have lunch with a new friend today - Chelsie and I are going to Qdoba for some tasty quasi-Mexican food. I'm excited! I notice I'm usually in a distinctly happier-than-average mood on Fridays - I adore weekends! Got a busy one coming up, but hopefully our "commitments" will turn out to be really fun times with good people, full of food and laughing (two of my favorite things!)

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