Monday, September 19, 2005

it's definitely not friday...

I'm Feeling: incapable of doing all the things I want to do/have to do
Background Noise: Something in the Way She Moves by James Taylor

And I don't mean that in an overly negative way.... just thinking that there are all kinds of things in my job that I'd like to start doing, but I simply don't have the time/resources to do it at this point. Or that there are all kinds of levels I'd take my involvement in YoungLife to - but I have to work full-time, and that limits me. I know God will give me enough time to do the things He wants me to do... it's just tricky to sort them out sometimes.

It's definitely Monday, though... time's been flying - I got a lot done today (yay!) but I feel like I've barely stopped to breathe. Tonight will be fun, to be sure (yay WyldLife!) but still not much time to breathe. I guess lung-function is overrated. :) Had a nice weekend - not a lot of monumentally impactful happenings, but the house is relatively clean and I got to hang out with some people that made me laugh.

I'm working on memorizing Galatians 5 (the whole chapter) right now - I'm up through verse 14... got to have it all done tomorrow night. Think I can do it?

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Kaycee said...

Hi Katie! Long time no see. :) Mondays stink so bad, and I am sick (and now it is Tuesday and I have no voice) so that makes this week doubly-bad so far. But it is homecoming week! Remember high school homecoming week? It's pretty nuts around here.

I think you can finish memorizing Galatians 5 by tonight, you can do anything you put your mind to. :) (happy thought for the day)