Tuesday, October 18, 2005

and... spit!

I'm Feeling: relaxed and smiley
Background Noise: Real Good Thing by Newsboys

I had my semi-annual dentist visit this morning... I always get a little nervous when I go, because I HATE having work done on my teeth. Cleanings don't bother me, but I'm afraid they'll find some big honking cavity, and if I never get another novacaine shot for the rest of my life, it'll be too soon. But everything checked out just fine - my hygienist (Val) was super nice and I really like my dentist. We agreed that to make my next visit more interesting, I should give up brushing altogether. I chuckled along with him, but will probably wind up brushing again before the day is out.

Today I start (along with Jane and Jennifer - colleagues of mine) an 8-week Pilates class MSU is offering... and it's free! So we'll spend part of our lunch hour toning our powerhouses, or more accurately, getting our butts kicked. But I like that. A few appointments this afternoon, and a relatively relaxed evening - sounds perfect!

The tree outside my office window has leaves that turn a gorgeous golden color. The sky is bright blue with puffy little white clouds... praise God for creating beauty!!

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