Wednesday, October 19, 2005

i love my bed

I'm Feeling: like laying on my back in the leaves
Background Noise: cars zooming by outside (my windows are WIDE open)

This morning I wanted to stay in my bed so badly when the alarm went off... then when I was making the bed, it was teasing me, whispering "climb back in, I'm warm and soft and big..." At least Saturday isn't that far away - maybe I can sleep in a little bit then. Although for me, I never want to sleep in as much when I can... I always want to sleep in when I have to be somewhere.

Not much going on tonight (I think)... I hope it stays that way. I like spontaneity, but when I'm specifically looking forward to a low-key evening, I usually don't adapt quickly to changes in the plan. I'll probably go to Mason YoungLife's club tonight with Mark, but that only lasts an hour. Maybe I'll sit down and start putting together Mark's quilt (finally). Who knows?

The picture of the rose is the first thing that came up when I googled "turquoise." Pretty, isn't it?

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