Monday, October 17, 2005

lookit the kitty!

I'm Feeling: like going home (darn, it's only 3:30!)
Background Noise: Jukebox in my Mind by Alabama

That's me and Meg (my sister)'s cat, Bomber, when I visited her a couple weeks ago. He's a funny kitty!!

I had a great weekend - we had a WyldLife event on Saturday that rocked my socks off - we had about 40 kids, all the leaders - lots of food and fun and yelling and playing and the high school leaders did awesome! Then Katie & Aaron came back to our house and hung out til almost midnight - which was totally fun and a great quality-time for our team. Sunday was church and a soccer game and then a meeting for Together (the couple's ministry at our church). Meeting new people, making new friends - it's all good!

I applied for a grant today - MSU sends 2 advisers every year to a study abroad program for a week - to learn, to come back and help promote, etc. I'm trying to go to France next May for a week (or more!) to get some new experience and all that jazz - I'm pumped... I really want to go!

More WyldLife tonight - Mark is leading the music on his gee-tar, which is awesome. Gotta get back to the grind now - have a b-e-a-yootiful Monday!!

5 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Is he yours?

Katie said...

no - my sister's! But he's cute!!

tucker said...

Bonjour! Tu eh formidabla! You're destined for France! Good luck! So how did Mark do on his Gee-tar??? (JK!)

Katie said...

Mark did FABULOSO on the gee-tar. Brought down the house, to be sure!!

Shmoooooooog said...

he's a fun cat except when he POOS ON MY BEANBAG CHAIR.

grrrrrrr. >:(