Thursday, October 20, 2005


I'm Feeling: tough! (but I don't quite look like this gal yet... thank goodness!!)
Background Noise: You Created by Caedmon's Call

Our basement holds many things - air hockey table, ping pong table, foosball table, free weights, captain's chair, workout bench, an elliptical machine, and a couch. Along with numerous boxes filled with very important things that we haven't touched in over a year. Most of these things were bought with the intention of using them... and this morning, I did! (Not all of them, it's hard to play an interesting game of foosball on your own...) But I did drag my sorry butt out of bed and use the elliptical and the weights and the bench... I have such a hard time making myself do that, but I always feel fantastic when I do. You'd think that the classical conditioning thing would kick in, and I'd WANT to do something that makes me feel good... oh well. I just am glad I was able to have a little discipline today, and avoid going into hibernation mode as the days get colder.

Today after work I get to go to a Mason Middle School basketball game, and then Mark and I embark upon date night (not sure what is planned - it's his week to orchestrate the activities). But it will be fun to hang out and laugh - I'm looking forward to a nice night!

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