Friday, November 18, 2005

game night 1985

I'm Feeling: kinda wiped out
Background Noise: Walkin on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves

Tonight at our church, Riverview, the couples' ministry is hosting Game Night 1985. I'm on the planning committee, so I'll be there all evening, with bells on (translation - pink sneakers, legwarmers, off-the-shoulder shirt and blue eyeshadow). I've complied almost four and a half hours of classic 80s music - we'll be playing games like tag, dodgeball, Atari/Nintendo, Trivial Pursuit and Clue. Should be a really good time - if you're part of a dating, engaged or married couple... come on over!

Bummer News: the cold Mark has been battling for over a week (although he has been away from home 6 of the past 8 days) has settled upon me as its next victim. I feel fuzzy today... and I have a really busy weekend - it's just an inconvient time to feel crummy (don't know when it's a particularly good time to feel crummy, but hey).

Still no critter-evidence, which makes it a lot more fun to enter my office in the morning. I don't get that creepy-crawly feeling all over when I open my desk drawers anymore.

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Julie said...

Sorry you feel so yucky. Have you tried that airborn stuff? It works for me.

Have fun tonight! I would have loved to have gone but we are planning on going to Silver Bells tonight. Well, maybe just Jamie and Michael.