Wednesday, November 16, 2005

time on my hands

I'm Feeling: a little bored
Background Noise: Let's Hear It for the Boy by Deniece Williams

I went to see Shopgirl this weekend (to the movies, by myself - a first for Katie, and I must say I kind of enjoyed it). It was funny - I hadn't heard anything about it really, which is unusual for me, and I had a good time in the squishy stadium seats, eating my popcorn.

I have some time on my hands tonight as well, and my friend Katie and I are going to head out to Eaton Rapids (armed with Starbucks, hopefully) to watch the Mason HS girls play some basketball. Should be fun. Mark is in MN today, then from there he heads to WV, and then back home finally on Sunday. He's a busy guy - I think the traveling is getting to him a little - keep him in your prayers for his health (he's battling a head cold) and that his conferences would run really smoothly!

I hate to disappoint, but at this time I am unable to post a picture of my potentially-mullet-ish haircut (not because I'm afraid you'll laugh at the business in front, party in the back hairdo, but because I simply don't have a picture of myself available). I'll work on it though - never fear.

Still no sign of rodents in my office. Katie - 1, Mice - 0.

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Dana said...

I already was thinking to myself "wow I haven't seen Katie in a long time it seems" but now that you claim to have something mulett-ish on your head that makes the desire even more. Hope things are well:):):)