Monday, November 21, 2005

world hello day

I'm Feeling: thirsty
Background Noise: loud humming radiator, and snip-its of Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

Today is World Hello Day - not really sure what that means, but here is a site that can tell you how to say "hello" in over 800 different languages/dialects. Wild.

Busy weekend - what with "Game Night 1985" at Riverview and Big Club for Wyldlife at Mason Middle School and Harry Potter last night... one thing is sure - I know how to keep the days full and flying by. Tonight we have DIG for Wyldlife (our weekly meeting) and I'm excited about that. Despite popular opinion - I think it's really fun to hang out with middle schoolers - they're funny and honest and open. And funny - did I mention that? :)

This is a short work-week though - thank goodness for Thanksgiving!! Mark and I will be heading to Chicago on Wednesday for Turkey Day itself, and back to MI on Friday (hopefully avoiding traffic on the way home). What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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