Monday, November 28, 2005

i love long weekends!

I'm Feeling: chilly
Background Noise: humming radiator (no music on right now)

Today is Buy Nothing Day... as appealing as that sounds, I think I'll have to cave in, since I didn't bring a lunch to work, and I generally like to eat my meals. Although I suppose I could try to steal lunch today... probably not a great idea to commit a crime just for the sake of following the random calendar I got off the internet.

Had a really good weekend - we went to Chicago to see my family, ate lots of delicious food, played Trivial Pursuit. Came home, and got to take part in Mason's tree-lighting parade - the snow was falling lightly - it was a perfect Christmas-season kick-off. (I'm a Christmas junkie - I just love this time of year, fireplaces, candles, pretty lights... it's the only part of winter when I can handle the snow). Visited Mark's family, watched The Polar Express, and yesterday I laid around the house because I was debilitated by a nasty headache. But at least I had the ability to lay around when I needed to. Our house is mostly decorated for Christmas already (we don't have a whole lot to put up) - we still need to do the outside lights, but that can wait.

I think every other weekend should be 4 or 5 days long - it just does wonders for your energy and your spirit to have some time to recuperate. I feel like a new woman today!

How was your holiday weekend?

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