Tuesday, November 22, 2005

when it rains...

I'm Feeling: scratchy-throated from talking
Background Noise: laughing & chatter from the main office

Lately, my appointments haven't been filling up like they usually would - fall is a slower time for advising, but it normally picks up closer to the end of the semester. Apparently, they all decided to come in today. I saw nine students today (more than I've seen in one day for all of November), and it was fun. Very busy, a little hectic, but my day has just flown right by and I feel like I got things done.

Last night I got to help my friend Alison with her math homework (she's in 9th grade) - and I was reminded of how much I like math. I really need to take a class again. I know it's twisted and nerdy, but it's really fun for me to figure out those problems. It makes me feel like I'm using my brain again (my current job doesn't tend to stretch my intellectual capabilities too often).

Gonna go home and work out tonight - I've been lazy lately, and I'm starting to see/feel the effects... and with my favorite meal of the year coming up in 2 days, I want to be able to indulge, guilt-free! Plus, it's just a good idea to take care of the body God blessed me with - I want it to last a long time!!

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