Tuesday, November 29, 2005

internal heat

I'm Feeling: shivery
Background Noise: Dream by Roy Orbison

As I sit in my office, trying to regain feeling in my fingertips, I must draw the conclusion that I have a problem with my internal heating system. I'm freezing! And it's not that cold in here (or outside, for that matter). The picture only half-accurately depicts how I feel right now, because the ice cube is melting, which would indicate that things are getting warmer. Not the case here.

Another slow day in South Kedzie Hall. Don't know what all my students are up to these days, but hopefully, it's not a bad thing that they're not coming in to see me as much right now.

Good thing: Mark and I get to chaperone the 8th grade dance this Friday night at Mason Middle School.
Bad thing: We have to miss a pretty big chunk of YL leadership to be there on time. Bummer.

Started making a list of Christmas ideas for my friends/family last night - I like getting/making gifts for people - but it feels like the list gets bigger every year. There are so many people to whom I'd like to give a Christmas present... hopefully I can get everything done in good time!

Happy Tuesday, All!

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