Monday, November 14, 2005

pickle day

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Today is Pickle Day - which I find pretty darn exciting, in honor of my blog's recently changed name. AND - next Sunday is the day of the long-awaited Annual PickleFest in Rosendale, NY. Here are some of my thoughts on pickles:
1. Pickle is a funny word to say.
2. I like pickles (both dill and sweet, but not bread&butter)
3. Pickles are rich in vitamin C - which helps fight scurvy.

The last month or two, our house has been teetering on the edge of a full-blown tornado zone. The table in between our kitchen and living room was piled high with unopened mail and books of assorted sizes and uses. The floor in our bedroom was lost under about 2 feet of laundry (a mix of both clean and unclean). The pile of games and VHS tapes by our TV was threatening to overtake the loveseat. My car was overflowing with junk mail, shoes, bottles of water, blankets, and various other items. Now... stuff like this always drives me crazy, but my motivation to do anything about it comes and goes like the ocean waves. Let's just say, the tide has been LOOOOWW for a long time now. This weekend, it came in with a fury.

This weekend, I:
- bought and set up a new bookcase, eliminating part of the game/VHS problem in our living room
- washed & waxed and vacuumed my car
- put away all my laundry, some of Mark's, and washed basically everything that needed it
- organized the plastic containers in one of our cupboards (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about)
- re-potted 3 houseplants
- went to see ShopGirl by myself (not nearly as un-fun as it sounds)
- vacuumed the house
- bought and set up a new phone/answering machine
- got my butt downstairs and made use of the elliptical machine I bought 10 months ago
- cheered for MSU's hockey team while we got rocked by UNO on Friday night

I can't describe how much better I feel to have some of that stuff taken care of. Although I spent most of the weekend by myself, I had a great time getting things done - it was nice to have so much energy and motivation - and, 300 mph winds aside, it was a gorgeous weekend!

2 thoughts:

Jamie said...

I enjoy pickles as well (dill mostly, but sweet are tolerated), which may explain why I have never gotten scurvy.

Julie said...

Scurvy... that made me giggle :)

Great job on all the accomplishments this weekend! You sure motivated me!