Friday, December 02, 2005

good surprises

I'm Feeling: ready for a weekend!
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I walked into my house last night and received a FABULOUS greeting - my husband was broiling steaks drenched in a barbecuey-steakhouse marinade. We ate like kings - steak, rolls, caesar salad. Dinners at the Burley house (when we're both actually home and eating at the same time, which is rare) usually consist of blue-box mac & cheese or the delicious frozen dinners in a bag. What a treat to have "real" dinner food.

THEN - we braved the ice-covered streets and ventured out to Cedar Street Elementary School to watch Jay (our 8-year-old neighbor) in his commanding performance of 1st narrator for "Bear Stays Up For Christmas." Honestly - he was the only kid up there that I could understand when they spoke into the microphone - he had his lines memorized and didn't seem nervous at all. It was great fun - lots of our friends showed up to watch Jay's public theatrical debut (he's performed often at home) and we all hung out and ate treats afterward.

I had a good Thursday night. Did you?

2 thoughts:

Julie said...

Not too bad of a Thurs for us. We all went shopping at Kohls. Something we said we would never do with the kids again, but we thought is would be better this time. It wasn't. Then, we at dinner at Red Robin. Great for kids who like to yell for no reason at all.

All in all, it was a loud but fun evening out with the family!

Brooks said...

I had an excellent time on Thursday night and Jay;s performance was dominant! Abbey enjoyed the show and seeing people at the Grangers was awesome. We had a good evening hanging out as well! I don't think a thurday night could have been better; unless someone made me steaks!!!!

Sorry about the lack of post Katie. I think that it has been harder because I still do not have my own computer back. Mine is still, and has been for a while, getting fixed. It should be back soon and I think should make the difference.