Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm Feeling: colder by the minute
Background Noise: Daughters by John Mayer

What a pleasant welcome on a snowy Monday morning - to walk into your office and be greeted by arctic air blowing ferociously out of my vents. That's right, ladies and gents - there is no heat in South Kedzie Hall today. The thing that really gets me is that there's not just No Heat... the vents actually blow frigid air. Why? I'm wearing my scarf and an extra sweater (I tried to leave the gloves on too, but it makes it impossible to type). Brr.

On a happier note - I had a great weekend. Friday night I ate sushi (delicious california rolls, miso soup, salmon and tuna... mmmm...) and got Starbucks and watched a movie with my friend Katie. Saturday I slept in, spent time in the Word, worked out, had lunch with some friends, and got the laundry almost all done. (Another point for me in the Katie vs. Force War). Saturday night we drove out to Mark's sister's house and spent time with Martha, Mike, Steph, James and Johnathan. There was pizza, brownies, and lots of laughing - good times all around. Sunday was church (always good), lunch with my friend Beth who is about to move to Japan, and dinner at Smokey Bones. YUM. I got to hang out with lots of people I care about, and I feel fairly well rested and ready for another week.

Did you do anything fabulous this weekend?
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