Monday, February 13, 2006

woe betide me!

I'm Feeling: a little discouraged
Background Noise: Another First Kiss by They Might Be Giants

So I typed an entire blog this morning - it was witty, informational, and fun (if I do say so myself) - and the silly system timed out before it was able to upload. Now it's late afternoon, I'm drained of all creative juice, and I feel bad that I can't duplicate the sublime blogging experience that you all should have had with this morning's post.

ReCap of Katie's Monday:

Arrive at work - no heat in the building. In fact, the vents are all blowing ferociously cold air. Katie puts on scarf and gloves, and shivers at her desk for 3 hours until the heat comes on.

Lunch at the Union - fun, since Jane is back in the country (my boss, she was in Australia for three weeks). We laughed a lot, and speculated that if men had to participate in a male-equivalent of the mammogram, they would find a better way to do it. Just picture it...

This afternoon - back to back appointments, very busy, very long (all of which is good, it makes the day fly by and makes me feel productive), but now my throat hurts and my voice is fading.

Dinner and DIG with our WYLdLife team tonight - should be really fun. The kids crack me up, and I love our team.

That's it. I'm truly sorry that you missed out on the masterpiece I created earlier today. Perhaps tomorrow's luck will be better.
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