Thursday, February 16, 2006

in need

I'm Feeling: sorry for myself
Background Noise: In Need by Sheryl Crow

No one has commented on my blog since 2/6... that's ten days. Is there something I'm missing?

4 thoughts:

Julie said...

I haven't commented but I have read your blog every day! Sometimes I check it a few times a day :) I like it!

I guess I've just been feeling sorry for myself too much lately. Argh, what a month it's been.

Katie said...

Thanks Jules! I love your comments!!! I always feel a little bad because we have a blog-relationship and we only live about 12 miles away from each other. I am glad, at least, to have one faithful friend and reader! :)

I'm sorry your month has been rough - I pray that those times will clear out soon and you'll be saying "What a month March has been - I feel SO blessed!" :)

thejrmillers said...


Julie said...

I blame it on us moving out to Lansing and then having a baby. There's a few other people that I don't keep in contact very well due to those things. I'm glad that you have a blog! It feels as if I get to see you every day :)