Thursday, February 16, 2006

Josh is 2!!

I'm Feeling: like dessert would hit the spot right now...
Background Noise: Another Day from the RENT soundtrack

I want to wish my friend Joshua Thomas a very happy second birthday (he's the handsome fireman in the picture). It's hard to believe he's already two years old. He's such a happy boy - lots of smiles and silliness, and he loves to throw things and sing songs and dance (very much a BOY). Love you, buddy!!

Today has been slooooow in the office. Funny - the past couple days have been one thing after another, lots to do... then today, it just stopped. I had one appointment scheduled - it was pleasant, but now my office has tumbleweeds blowing across the floor and that eerie deserted cowboy town music playing in the background.

Not much to report - life continues as always - things have been good lately. I'm having fun at work and at home, and I'm starting to feel that I'm making good use of my time these days. I still need to find a way to squeeze in a workout once in awhile... maybe that will be my task for next week. Baby steps, Kate.
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