Wednesday, March 29, 2006

healthy addiction, anyone?

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My sublime pilates experience on Monday got me hooked - yesterday I went to the gym during my lunch hour, and today I'm planning on going back - it can be so helpful to move around at lunch. Recharges your rapidly draining batteries, and definitely helps me get through that post-lunch "I wanna take a nap" time. Let me tell you about the fitness room on campus I go to:

It's beautiful - two stories, open in the middle, totally redone about a year ago. I don't really touch the weight-lifting stuff on the first floor much, because let's face it, I'm not much for big muscles. But there are about 25 elliptical machines, 25 treadmills, and 15 stair-steppers. And ALL of them have little TV screens, DVD players, and a place to plug in your headphones. It's INSANE. I can take my Friends DVD, pop it in, and chuckle quietly to myself while burning calories and keeping my heart healthy. Amazing. Plus, since spring break is over, the gym is quieter - not so many people trying to get skinny quickly.

Most of the time, I'm kinda lazy about finding physical activities - they're not usually my top priority, and I don't like skipping other things to get sweaty. But I'm enjoying these lunch-time excursions very much. Hooray for convenience and for almost being able to pretend I'm at home, on the couch, watching TV, instead of running 2 miles on the elliptical machine.
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3 thoughts:

Brooks said...

Katie...I agree so much with how having some regular form of physical exercise does so much for our body. It is more than healthiness, but mentally too!

I have been severly depressed this semester because my schedule is too busy to regularly work out!

I am blogging again, so go check it out!

tucker said...

Have you ever thought about wrestling. You'd be amazed the workout you can get from an eighth grader.

Sounds like lunch runs would be fun. Good idea!

Katie said...

This may shock you, but I have actually NEVER thought about wrestling. I don't think I'd be amazed at the workout - I might be amazed at my inability to defend myself, my lack of muscle and endurance, and how easily I am tied into a knot where my head is under my arm which is wound between my legs. I think I'll stick to the elliptical... but thanks for the suggestion!!