Thursday, March 30, 2006

mass of gas

I'm Feeling: sunny!
Background Noise: Prince Ali from the Aladdin Soundtrack

This morning, the sun was shining so brightly in our bedroom (our windows face east) that I turned off all the lights, and I still didn't wind up with mascara on my forehead or anything. Our bedroom is a golden yellow color too, so when the sun is shining in like that, it just feels so warm and happy.

Did you know... the sun is a mass of incandescent gas - a gigantic nuclear furnace where hydrogen is turned into helium at temperatures of millions of degrees? I didn't either, until I listed to TMBG.

I didn't make it to the gym at lunch yesterday (sad), but I had a good day just the same. I had mashed potatoes at lunch (one of my absolute, all-time favorite things to eat), I got to test-drive a Rav4 (car shopping is a little stressful, but test driving is fun!), hit the outlet mall with my hubby, and round out the night with a shoulder massage and an episode of Friends. Oh, and almost 9 hours of sleep. Hooray!!

Happy Birthday, Julie!! I hope you get to have some fun, and eat some of your favorite things, and laugh a lot. Celebrate with all the people who love you!!
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2 thoughts:

Julie said...

Thanks Katie! In fact, we just returned from Benigan's where I had steak for lunch. Now I'm eating the leftover (it's hard to eat whith the children around) and drinking vanilla Pepsi.

I'm glad you're having such a wonderful sun-shiny day! Hey, are you going to get a new car?

Katie said...

We're thinking about it... soon, the Rav4 is supposed to be available with a 3rd rw of seats - we'll wait until that's an option, and then look a little closer. It was fun to drive it around last night - I'd be really excited if it worked out!!

Sounds like a delicious day so far!! :)