Friday, March 31, 2006

so easy to forget

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Work has been incredibly busy this week - annual enrollment (everyone at MSU picks all their classes for both semesters next year) begins today, and lasts for about a month. Enrollment is staggered so that the world doesn't explode when 40,000 students all try to log into the same website at the same time, but this is the time of year to see your adviser if you're going to go at all. I've had 42 appointments so far this week - today should be a little slower, what with it being Friday AND rainy. But both Wednesday night and last night, I cashed out before 10pm. That's not normal for me (I can usually make it until at least 10:15...) I've been blessed to be able to catch up on sleep though - not everyone can do that.

This morning, I came downstairs as usual - I sit at the kitchen table to read and pray most mornings - and I found a note from my husband and a vase of pretty purple and yellow daisies waiting for me. What a treat!! I've been reminded lately of how much we take for granted daily - I've heard three devastatingly sad stories in the past 2 or 3 weeks - Mike Zegarski's sudden illness, Chad Canipe's unexpected death, and Mark Palmer's death after a long battle with cancer. All three are/were men with wives and young families, and all dearly loved the Lord. These stories rock me to my core - I shed tears for people I have never and most likely will never meet. I cannot imagine the devastation - overwhelming pain and sadness. I take for granted that Mark is with me every day, kissing me good-bye and leaving flowers for me. Please keep these men and their families in your prayers - that our Heavenly Father would come to them and cover their pain. And I must try to remember that we are not guaranteed anything but the love of our Lord - so thank God for all His blessings! Posted by Picasa

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Julie said...

The deaths of those faithful men really struck me too. Especially Palmer's death. His son, Micah, is the same age are our son Michael. His first wife died of cancer 8/03. He later remarried and his cancer began soon after that.

What a battle he has had. But, like I learned from another blog, he won! He's in heaven with our Savior!