Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm Feeling: sore-throaty (finally caught whatever Mark has/had)
Background Noise: World's Greatest by R Kelly

This is Nat, Brianna, Christy, Lindsey, Rachel, Huntar and Ellen - they are some of my favorite people - my friends from Mason Middle School. I get to hang out with them tonight after work - wahoo!! :D

Pretty good weekend - Mark was at work most of the time, I got a lot done around the house, got to relax some, go to church, get a little craft-ing done (I didn't realize how much I missed doing things with my hands... I've probably opened the floodgates - buy stock in JoAnn's Stores - quick!) Unfortunately, I've also managed to start coming down with some sort of throat-y illness - turns out Mark was contagious after all, I guess. Please pray that this goes away quickly - I have a very busy couple days at work, then it's up to Traverse City for the HOSA conference. No time for this!!

Happy Monday!!
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3 thoughts:

Julie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling yucky today. I pray that you'll return to normal really quick!

What kind of a craft did you work on? I'm actually finishing a quilt this week. It's been about three years since my last one.

A Mile Away said...

Hey! You obviously don't know me... but I'm also a member of HOSA. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We've already finished our HOSA state confrence, and I've made it to nationals in Medical Spelling. Hope to hear from you!


Katie said...

I got to crochet a little dishcloth - they take about an hour or two... and I re-started up a cross-stitch thing that I think I began 2 years ago or so. It's just nice to do something fun, then at the end say "look - I did that!"

I'm jealous that you're quilting - hopefully I can get our house a little more organized and get to work on some quilt projects soon, too!