Friday, May 19, 2006

ready, set...

I'm Feeling: anticipatory
Background Noise: Hands of the Potter by Caedmon's Call

Got a big weekend coming up, folks - a big weekend. Tigers game tonight (they're no Chicago White Sox - I have to stay loyal to my hometown - but I've adopted them all the same). Tomorrow - we head to Plymouth (near Ann Arbor) for our nephew's baptism and 3rd birthday party, then back to Mason for Mike's high school graduation open house, then out to Kentwood (near Grand Rapids) for Brooks's college graduation open house... then back home in Mason. That's going to be a doozey!! Sunday is church, possibly a confirmation party, and a dance recital. Sounds fabulous.

Last night we went to small group at JR and Tricia's house - we're trying to re-connect with a couples' bible study group/community. YoungLife has been SOOO good to us, and keeps us really busy, but I like having friends/community that are in my same life "stage." It's hard being new - everyone was really nice, and I know that in a few months - year, we could all be fantastically close friends... but it sure would still be nice to just skip the awkward, slow, getting-to-know-and-trust-you stage. Insta-friends... just add water!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend - I hope that it's packed with people and things that you love - remember to focus on the moment - tomorrow has enough worries of its own!!

3 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Okay here is what amuses me. You are coming to Kentwood, where I live, this weekend and I am headed through Lansing, where you live, to Detroit for the weekend. It's like two ships crossing on a Saturday! Figures right??

Julie said...

Wow-Wee! That is a lot of stuff going on in one short weekend. Hopefully it will all be fun and enjoyable for you.

I'm pretty relaxed at the moment. Jamie took Michael to round-up so I could pick up the house and pack. I'm all ready to go with an hour to spare!

Dana said...

Hi Katie! No that's not the show. Top Chef has sweet competitions with judges - not necessarily involving weird ingredients or chocolate salmon. You may be thinking of Iron Chef.

PS: I just got done reading your blog after I wrote mine today and discovered we both have a baseball theme. Funny. I'm sad I can't come tonight, I had to tell Brooks I have birthday plans for my sister-in-law. GO TIGERS!!!