Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm Feeling: nervous
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I couldn't fall asleep last night. Sometimes, when I'm all alone in the house (Mark is in Ypsilanti until Tuesday evening) I have a hard time going to bed - but in the past year or two, that hasn't been so much an issue. Last night, though... there was no settling down. Not for a long time, at least. I think my nerves are a little raw right now...

I leave on Wednesday - just over 50 hours from now, we'll be headed to the airport. Honestly, this is the nervous-est I've been about something in a loong time. Last night I felt compelled to pack - so I was running around, jamming things in my suitcase, taking them back out, trying to figure out how to economize my clothes, etc for 9 days. Eventually, I had to put myself "to bed" in front of the TV - that usually works. I'll watch for awhile, then cash out on the couch - wake up at about 2am and drag myself to bed. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

I'm excited about my trip - and I know it will be so cool to spend 2.5 days by myself in Montpellier - then 5 days with everyone else... but right now, it's making my stomach hurt. Got to get my game face on. Grr.
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Eliezer Gonzalez said...

Okay, I know I don't usually leave comments here, but I've been through this recently so I thought I'd opine. I really love to travel, but for whatever reason, I am always incredibly nervous before I do, imagining all of the possible complications or problems to come, instead of all the new things I'll see. It's only when I'm on my way back home that I fully appreciate how great it is to have been somewhere new. So instead of dwelling on the nervousness now, skip ahead to the feeling of adventure and accomplishment you'll have afterward and bottle it. Good luck, You'll have fun.

Katie said...

Yeah, I notice that you do a lot of travelling for your J-O-B. It's nice to hear that, statistically, it's unlikely that I will be mugged, robbed, get irreparably lost, or endure any other major trauma. Thanks for the encouragement!