Friday, June 09, 2006

baby steps

I'm Feeling: ready for a nap and a weekend!
Background Noise: Trashin' the Camp by Phil Collins

Here's another photo collage from France - in color this time! You may notice - the skies were ridiculously blue the entire time I was there - supposedly, they get 300 days of sunshine each year in Montpellier. I can hardly imagine what that would be like...

Here's a tiny insight into Katie - On occasion, I can get myself a little stressed out about things - I have to fight my tendency to worry sometimes. However, I've noticed in the past few (days, weeks, months - I'm not really sure) - that tendency has been fading. God has really been working on my heart - that's not always a fun process (ok, really, it almost NEVER is) - but it's borderline startling to see what He can do.

The reason this came to mind today is that there are some situations/decisions (nothing major, really) in my life right now, that 2 years ago would have totally stressed me out. Today - I'm concerned, but mostly just interested in watching them unfold. I'm better at resting in the Lord's grace and perfect plan than I was yesterday. It's a cool thing to realize. I like this quote from the movie Life as a House - "Change can be so slow that you don't notice your life is better or worse, until it is."

Of course, now that I've publicly drawn attention to it, I am certainly due for some new, painful life lesson. : ) Bring it on!

Have a great weekend!!

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tucker said...

I like your outlook. I feel we can all learn form you. I know I can.