Friday, July 21, 2006

conjunctiva = kangaroo?

I'm Feeling: chipper
Background Noise: The Rain in Bombay by Caedmon's Call

Okay... so this morning was the last official morning of freshman AOP (academic orientation program, for those not up on MSU's acronyms) for the summer. Hooray indeed. I love AOP, but this week has been exhausting, for some reason. A couple of students this morning almost made me twitch... so I was looking for some kind of interesting picture to post today, and I typed "eye twitch" into Google - and this came up. I had no idea that any part of my body could be compared to the pouch on a kangaroo, let alone my conjunctiva.

I had a stellar night last night - I completed my first original watercolor painting (as an adult), had cheeseburgers with the Grangers, spent time with Jay the Cowboy, and had coffee with my new friend Cheryl. Cheryl and her husband Dale have lived in Mason for 14 years, they have a farm with pigs and lambs and cats and dogs, and they have 3 kids - 2 in college, 1 at Mason High School. They're awesome - I had a really good time with Cheryl last night. Hopefully there will be a second date.

I'm saying that a lot lately. Maybe too much for a married lady. Good thing Mark is not the jealous type.

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