Thursday, July 20, 2006

nerds and insults

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I am nerdier than 76% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

So I found a link to a quiz online that will tell you how "nerdy" you are. I think that the very fact that I clicked on the link makes me a nerd. And the fact that I by no means need a computer program to tell me I'm a nerd. I scored in the 76th percentile - meaning I'm nerdier than 76% of the people out there. Does it make me nerdier that I like being nerdy - or does that make me cool because I'm OK with myself... ??

Moving on... we had dinner with Dan and Suzanne last night - Mark managed to tell them that the way they met and started dating was lame, and I think I left half of my dinner in their fondue pot. And it was a blast - great food, really cool kid to hang out with, and we laughed an awful lot together. Which is cool, because hanging out with new people for the first time is always a little nerve-wracking. I think there will be a second date though... we'll have to think about how we can possibly offend them next time... :)

3 thoughts:

Dan said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll think of many ways! =)

Coryell said...

You are some sort of ridiculous fusion of nerd and anti-nerd. I don't think you can classify a lot of people who were on the college cheerleading squad as nerds, but apparently you are 25% nerdier than I. Well done.

Katie said...

except I'm only married to a cheerleader. I was nowhere near cool enough to be one by myself - only by association.. "and the two shall become one!"