Thursday, July 13, 2006

sweeping the clouds away...

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Background Noise: If This Is Love by Deana Carter

On Tuesday, the FedEx delivery lady stopped by my office, which is unusual. Even more unusual, she left me the box that was sent from - which means that it was full of flowers. In two years of working here - not once have flowers come to my office.

I find these lovely yellow flowers inside, with a fun green vase, and a note from an MSU student whom I've never met, but been in contact with via email for the past 9 months or so, helping her sort out her various graduation issues and anxieties.

They make a very sunny addition to my office, and it's always nice to get a token of appreciation from the students I work with.

In other news, I got to take an unexpected road trip last night. Mark called (he's camping in Irons, MI with his HOSA state officers this week) and asked if I could meet him in Clare (halfway to Irons, about 90 minutes from Mason) to bring him an extra set of car keys, as his are now somewhere at the bottom of the Pine River. So I spent three hours on 127 last night in my un-air-conditioned car... luckily, I had nothing else planned for the evening (except bury my nose in my new book that I'm addicted to...) And this way, my husband is able to drive himself home today. I like him enough to not want him stranded in Irons, MI indefinitely.

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Julie said...

Love the flowers! What a great suprise!

The story of the keys in the lake sounds familar. Did that happen to him before?