Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm Feeling: effective
Background Noise: none (I've gotten BAD about turning on my iTunes at my new job...)

First - guess who is the grand marshal of MSU's Homecoming Parade? That's right - Kermit the Frog!! Click on the link for some fabulously obvious jokes about his school spirit. (Secretly, I think it's awesome. Makes me want to go to the parade, and I never go to the parade. Someone was thinking!)

Welcome back from Labor Day! Happy First Day of School!

New York City was fun - except that all the tennis we were scheduled to see got rained out by hurricane Ernesto (the funniest name for a hurricane I've heard in a long time). Big ole bummer, but it was fun to hang with the fam, walk around Times Square, and visit fancy jazzy barbecue places. Thanks to my mom and pop for making that trip possible! (funny note: when I was typing that last sentence, it came out "mom and poop" - whoops!) Got home on Sunday, and had a really nice end to the weekend - saw a movie with Courtney, went to dinner with Kelsey, organized the pantry, did some laundry, and got to spend some time with my hubby.

What did you do?

3 thoughts:

Dan Price said...

You and Mark have more energy than anyone I know!

Julie said...

I"m glad you enjoyed NY. I can't believe that you didn't see any matches! That's crazy!

Eliezer G. said...

It actually wasn't a hurricane by the time it got here--just a tropical depression, if I'm not wrong. Still, though, strange late August/early September we've had. Too bad about the tennis, but nice to hear you enjoyed your time in NYC.