Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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So it looks like my family will be traveling to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year (not the actual day, but for the latter part of the weekend...) I have two responses to this scenario (which I readily agreed to):

1. Fun/Hooray - Mark and I, for the first time since we were married, won't have to drive to Chicago at any point over the holiday weekend. I've been making the trip since 1998... it'll be good to stay put for a long weekend.

2. Yikes!/Boo - I'm going to go crazy trying to get the house clean/ready to a standard that will impress/appease my mother. Our house is reasonably tidy most of the time - but Mark and I can be cluttery people, and I don't find cleaning baseboards as a useful way to spend my time.

Mostly, I think it will be a good thing. I mean it really might be. Or... I'm praying hard that it will be.

Cooler news - my little sis may come for a visit before then, which is always superspecial fun. I like when she's here. We don't get to hang out and be stupid nearly often enough.

2 thoughts:

Julie said...

I'm glad you won't have to travel. Sounds like it should be a nice weekend for you.

Where are you going on the actual Thanksgiving Day?