Monday, October 02, 2006

rain, rain...

I like rain - but I mostly like thunderstorms and big, dramatic shows of nature's (God's) awesome power. Just gloomy, dreary rain isn't so much. Especially when roughly 75% of the past 2 weeks has been like that...

The cool thing is that the leaves are starting to turn - and since I also really like autumn, that makes me happy. I like crunchy leaves, chilly air, apple cider, pumpkins, and all kinds of other fun outdoor-fall type things. But it has to NOT be raining in order to enjoy. *sigh*

Had a nice, relaxing, semi-lazy weekend (I was productive in ways that make me relax, which helps me feel like I was lazy - it's a nice pattern, actually). Laundry, crocheting (yes, I'm basically a grandma), watching Friends DVDs, breakfast with a friend, church, bible study with my 8th grade friends. It was good.

Now it just has to stop raining.

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