Wednesday, October 25, 2006

do you ever wish life was like a musical?

Sometimes I do... I think it would be fun to bust out into song randomly (assuming, of course, everyone had dazzling vocal stylings with perfect pitch...), dance around when things are going well, and have music always playing in the background to clue people in to what's going on.

My hotel room in Indy had HBO, and I got to watch about 30 minutes of Evita - it came out 10 years ago (my junior year of high school) - and my friends and I were obsessed with it. I saw it at least twice in the theaters, bought the soundtrack, and owned the VHS as soon as I could(nope, not the DVD...). I still pretty much know all the words. It was fun to be transported back in time a little bit - think how much we laughed at each other's dramatic reenactments of Madonna's performance, how much we enjoyed every scene with Antonio Banderas (guys who can sing and dance are pretty hot - plus, guys that are hot are hot... it was a good combination for a 16-year-old theatre junkie).

I watched part of it this weekend after I got back - it was still amazing. I didn't have anyone to swoon with, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There are scenes and songs that make me want to get up and dance... (and I did, once or twice...) and it definitely makes me wish that life could be like a musical all the time. Fun!

3 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Try living with my husband sometime... he makes up theme songs at random about ordinary things (washing the dishes, playing video games, etc) and has been known to break into dance as well. :) You post made me realized that some days it DOES feel like a musical at my house! Always entertaining though, good to have someone who can always make you laugh!

Katie said...

My dad used to do that a lot... I think it's fun. I'm going to try to make up more songs about the things I do everyday... Send me some of Cam's best ones! :)

julie said...

I share your love for Evita. I too have the soundtrack and the movie on vhs. I'm hoping to get in on dvd someday.