Wednesday, November 01, 2006

how was YOUR Halloween?

The day began with a special message from Mark (yes, that's written in Halloween candy...)

After a very busy day at work (which involved a lovely chocolate cake that I did not get a picture of), I picked up Laura (my sister-in-law who officially became a Spartan this fall) and her boyfriend Mike - they wanted to help us hand out candy (for two VERY cold hours - we had 228 trick-or-treaters at our house. Yes, I'm a dork - I kept track)

Mark, Brooks and I got into full ninja gear (we had to use a special camera because ninjas don't usually resolve on film...)

Some of the boys that live nearby felt threatened by our ninja skills and decided to launch an attack (notice that Brooks is glowing with ninja power... or that's just his reflective running pants...)

All in all - a very fun Halloween. We handed out a TON of candy, still have a bunch leftover - we ate tacos, sat outside until our fingers and toes went numb, and watched an episode of Scrubs. Who could ask for more?

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Kaycee said...

What a fun day!! Happy Birthday yesterday KT! :) I was driving over to see my nieces costumes and I looked at Cam and said "I think it is Katie's birthday today - I should email her" but didn't get the chance to all night. So happy belated birthday anyway! Love your birthday message from Mark!