Thursday, November 29, 2007

any grand ideas?

I'm going to be leading a bible study for high schoolers on Sunday night - talking about what it means to live like Jesus and to follow Him. There's obviously a LOT of ways I could take this "talk" - but I'd be interested in any insights y'all might have about how to approach this.
(Mark is in Georgia this weekend, so that "y'all" is my Southern tribute).
Anyway - I have about 45-55 minutes - ideally, it would be broken up into an activity, group discussions, me talking, illustrations, etc... The worst thing would be for me to talk. at. them. the. entire. time. No one wants that.
So give me some ideas - verses, passages, attributes - things that stick out to you personally! I'm open! :)

2 thoughts:

Megan said...

Oh my goodness, nobody commented! How did your talk go? That's wonderful that you did that, I am NOT a 'public speaker', I'd be so nervous!

Katie said...

Haha - I KNOW! Can you believe NO ONE had any ideas to share with me?? :)
It went well - this is a group of kids that I'm very familiar with (my husband and I have been involved with YoungLife for almost 4 years now in our community).
I wound up talking about what it really looks like to love others the same way God loves us - especially in the sense that not one of us is worthy. I think it clicked! :)