Monday, December 03, 2007

"To Do" Lists

Those who know me (or have read this blog for a little while) know this. I love lists. It's a little (or a lot) weird, I know. But I love to make lists (preferably with bullets or stars or circles) of things I need to do, and then I *love* the pure joy that comes with crossing things off the list. It's a minor addiction.
Since my "To Do" list for the weekend was:
*Rest and get healthy
(which I have almost accomplished) - my list for this week is slightly longer. On Friday night, about 30-45 people will be eating dinner at our house (food to be provided by someone else, thankfully) - but the house still has to be ready to accommodate the food/preparation/serving/eating of a meal for 30-45 people. And right now, the house is, how shall I say it... NOT ready for that.
Sooo... I made a list!
This Saturday is a baby shower, hosted by some dear friends of mine - and while I don't have to do much to prepare, I DO need to finish writing the Thank You Notes from my last shower before adding another pile of notes to the stack.
Sooo... it went on the list!!
Also have some Christmas presents to buy/make. You guessed it - that's on the list too!!!
I'm feeling productive again - hopefully the end of this week will *look* productive too!

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

I love lists too!! And the crossing off is the BEST part. Plus that's the only way I can remember all the things I have to do. Seeing as I have not even started Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, etc mine is currently quite long. Plus the work I need to do for school. Hope we can both be productive this week! :)

Eliezer said...

I don't really have much opportunity to make lists, unless they are grocery lists, but I'll tell you what I do love: clearing the 'flag' on my Microsoft Outlook e-mails. I have a folder for items I've flagged--things I have to follow up on later--and I get a tremendous kick out of clicking that little flag icon and banishing yet another e-mail from the folder.