Monday, November 26, 2007

office with a view

Exhibit A: A lovely (I mean blurry) picture of the view out my window at work. Right. Now.
It's a crummy picture because (A) my camera phone has lousy photo-capturing abilities and (B) IT'S SNOWING BIG FAT FLAKES ALL OVER THE PLACE. Which makes things a little hard to distinguish. Oh and (C) it's a picture taken through 2 panes of university-quality glass windows.
I just thought you'd like to know what Mid-Michigan looks like today.
Weatherbug says it's 32 degrees right now.
In all honesty - it's really pretty. I'm not ready for it to actually be actively snowing yet, but the snowflakes are sort of fairy-tale-ish, and the trees look positively artful right now.

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Julie said...

It's been fun to watch all day. Pretty too! Except when I left to pick up Michael from school. The roads were actually slick. I saw two accidents on the way there. Crazy MI!