Friday, December 07, 2007

inane pregnancy questions

Every woman who has ever been pregnant has experienced this.
Some questions are rude, some are insulting, some are self-important... and some are just plain silly.
This is my new "favorite" Inane Pregnancy Question. Believe it or not - I get it All. The. Time.
"Are you excited??"
What in the world. Of COURSE I'm excited! And if, for some ridiculous and unknown reason, I was not excited - would I really answer that question honestly?
I feel so silly saying (with an indulgent smile), "Yes, we're very excited." And getting a silly smile in return.
Any other good ones out there?

(Don't get me wrong - I know everyone is just trying to make conversation, just trying to be nice. And I truly do appreciate that.
It just inspires me to make a mental note:
"Maybe it's a good idea to think for 3-5 seconds about the question I want to ask, and see if it really makes sense. If not - try to come up with a better one.")

2 thoughts:

Wendy said...

I always got the question "Are you sure that there is only one in there?" Is that just a polite way to say, "Whoa you are huge!"

Sarah Halter said...

Uh-oh, I think I'm guilty of that one, though I don't ask strangers. Usually in a deeper conversation with a friend or family member. Good reminder to stop and think before asking questions! Any new pictures lately, of Baby B or you, that you'd like to share?