Wednesday, December 12, 2007

creative Creator

Mark has been in Venice, CA since Saturday (he comes home tonight). When we talked on Monday, he told me it was sunny, but "a little chilly" (read: about 60 degrees) as he sat on the beach break wall and sipped his Chai Latte. (Yes, he IS aware that he leads a charmed life, and he is exceedingly grateful). This is a picture of a Venice sunset. Lovely, isn't it?

THIS is a picture outside my front door this morning. Well, no, not really. Actually - it's the Arctic. I'm embellishing for dramatic effect. Here in Michigan, there's really only a dusting of snow on the ground, and it's a fairly pleasant 25 degrees at 8:00am (we might hit 35 today!!) We did have a bit of an ice storm last night, but nowhere near as nasty as the weather-folks were predicting.

Isn't it incredible that God made a planet with so many intricacies? Really - how much easier would it have been to make everything pretty much uniform? I'm so glad to know the Lord of the universe - to see His love in HUGE things (the sacrifice of Christ on the cross) and in smaller ways (the beauty of His unfathomable imagination in creating our world). So, wherever you are this morning - I pray that you are able to find a piece of His love in some way - whether it be big or small.

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Dana said...

yes god is creative (blah blah blah), but i always think to myself (because i only love His creativity of sunshine and beaches and warmth) that winter is a result of the fall and sin. the flood got rid of the temperate and warm global climate, bringing winter. i mean it makes sense. cs lewis agrees - narnia is tormented with winter and a snow queen and sun and spring arrive when aslan comes back. winter = bad.

on another note, i hope your scenic drive home was good saturday:)

Megan said...

Thank you for the beautiful post and reminder of God's love! I am a bloggie friend of Ashleigh's, and I am a pregnancy/birth/baby fanatic-- so when I saw your little post that mentioned that you are having a baby in 8 weeks I decided to pop on over and say hi! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have a 17-month old son, and just had my 2nd baby (a day after Ashleigh), a 7-week-old baby boy. They are such a joy. Wishing you many blessings and a beautiful birth.

Katie said...

Thanks for the congratulations! And congrats back at you and your little family!! It's hard to imagine that in less than 2 months we'll have a Little One to care for (and even harder to imagine that I could be pregnant again this time next year *smile*)
Thanks for your wishes and prayers - I'm sure there will be many detailed updates. :)

Emily M said...

katie! every few weeks i do a sweep of my friends blogs :) I always enjoy yours. This one made me laugh out loud. About your front door. b/c sometimes I feel that way... as i walk through arctic tundras just to get out to my car some mornings :) but I too, am often amazed by God's work... He did SO many things, SO right :)