Wednesday, January 23, 2008

little guitarist

While you're pregnant, it's fun to find ways to actually interact with your baby.
Obviously, you can poke at the baby, and you'll usually get some kind of kick or thump in response.
I prefer to gently rub my belly, and watch Baby roll and squirm - almost as if s/he is trying to realign to where my hand just was, saying, "Keep rubbing my back, Mama."
But Mark and I have discovered a new, very fun way to play with Baby.
His guitar.
Mark's been playing the guitar for a few years now, and I think he's pretty durn good. I mean, we have professional-level concerts in our living room, with him strumming away and both of us singing our guts out. And the dogs and cats in our neighborhood howl right along with us...
Lack of identifiable musical talent aside - Baby seems to really enjoy when Daddy plays guitar. The wiggles and movements are strong and big - my whole tummy seems to be moving (almost on beat, which makes me laugh) along with the music. We serenaded Baby for at least 30 minutes last night - and not only is it fun to sit in the living room and sing songs (loudly and in *perfect* harmony) with my husband, it's incredibly fun to watch our unborn Little One enjoy it as well.
Either that, or s/he is flailing around, trying to get us to stop embarrassing it.
I'll go with the former. :)

3 thoughts:

Sarah Halter said...

How sweet!

Julie said...

I remember... do you get sick of this sort of thing? Every time you mention something about your pregnancy it brings back fond memories of when I was pregnant with Michael and I always feel the need to share it. I probably wouldn't if we were talking in person, but there's something about the blog world that gets me talking.

Anyway... When I went with Jamie to the HOSA conference I was pregnant with Michael. During one of the sessions there was loud music playing. Michael was going crazy. Dancing like crazy inside. So much that I actually felt a little sick to my stomach after awhile. So, Mark's mom and I went out for a bit and got ice cream.

Ah, thanks for letting me relive my pregnancies through you :)

Mary C said...

That might be the cutest thing I've ever heard. Very sweet!